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MP12-IONA-SB, Designed By Mellow PCB

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Connect IONA-SB to your PC while pressing BOOT button via USB Type-C. Then, open this page with Chrome, or Chromium based browser with WebUSB support is needed. WebUSB API is used to manage your device.

Windows users need to install a driver when you use this site first time. If you already set it up for IONA-US, you don’t need it. Please follow the WinUSB Settings steps explained in IONA-US Firmware Updates. There is a screen capture movie that shows hot it will be.

Once you complete the preparation, press the ‘Find IONA-SB’ button below. You need to select WinChipHead device and push the connect button in the dialog.

The same button will be changed to show ‘Save Changes’ to memorize the modified settings into the IONA-SB board.

Button Layout

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  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Rapid-Fire Seq. Pattern Len.
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